Musical Tour


Musical Tour takes you to cities and villages of Nepal, which is famous for trekking in the world. She has beautiful mountains to see, as well as to climb. There are more than 10 political parties in Nepal. She is not only strange in terms of this but also in terms of her population density. Ethical groups are across Nepal; they are on hills, plains, and in a mountainous region. Side by side, there are also non-ethical groups. Whether it is an ethical group or a non-ethical group, these groups are close to each other because of various cultural factors, and one of these is MUSIC, and this is also what makes Nepal a peaceful country.
The contemporary Nepalese Music consists of hip-hop, Thrash, Rap, Heavy Metal, and Rock, which are found in various parts of the world, but what cannot be influenced is the Nepal Dohori Music, which is as old as the hill, and which is the father of the Nepali Music. Before Rock, Metal, and Rap, there was other music in Nepal, and they have been listed below in a chronological order.

1. Dohori

[caption id="attachment_894" align="alignleft" width="750"]Nepali dohori Nepali dohori[/caption]

Dohori is a Nepali folk song. It is sung by boys in one group and girls in other. If girls are asking any question by song to boys, The boys give them to answer by song or if boys ask a question to girls, The girls should give an answer to boys. It’s very interesting local culture Nepali style. Dohori means the connection between 2 group or more than 2 group. Like boys and girls, Girls and girls, Boys and Boys, etc. Most of the Nepali people they like most this song they can understand very easily and get enjoy well. If the group they sing a song other people they are dancing in the field. The Nepali people if they have any festival in his/her house or society they are making a group and playing Dohori song with playing Madal. It’s very wonderful singing and dancing culture program.

2. Classical
Nepali classical music dates back to 510 AD. From then on, it has been developing.
3. Ghazal.

This is a poetic form of singing, consisting of rhyming couplets.

4. Bhajan.

This is a song for gods and goddesses, sung by devotees.

5. Ethical Music.

This music consists of Newar Music, Gurung Music, Tamang Music, Sherpa Music, Maithali Music, Tharu Music, and so on. You are likely to hear Sherpa Music when you go for trekking. This music resembles the Tibetan Music, which reflects the influence of Buddhism. On the other hand, you are likely to hear Tharu and Maithali Music when you visit the plain southern region of Nepal, particularly during Chitwan Jungle Safari and in Bardia National Park.

6.Marriage Music:

7. Hip hop
This is Nepali hip-hop music.
8. Film music
Film music is the music of the movie. Actually, it is the song, performed by playback singers in the movie.

We will teach you how to sing songs in the different regions of Nepal.

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