Peak Climbing


Nepal has been the concentration of exceptional accomplishments in the realm of pinnacle climbing undertakings, with its eight crests over 8000 meters. It has tested the brains and assortments of the individuals who have challenged for a considerable length of time. Among the distinguished 1310 crests over 6000 meter, one quarter are authoritatively opened for mountaineering exercises, including the ‘trekking tops’. Climbing these pinnacles is the following stride past “basically” trekking, before scaling the 8000-meter crests.

The majority of trekking pinnacles (6500m underneath pinnacles) are recorded in with Nepal mountaineering affiliation, an official mountaineering relationship of the Nepal. There are more than 20 crests underneath 6500m opened for snow capped climbing.

Crests beneath 6500m are the second step for the trekkers who are willing for mountaineering course a short time later. Beyond any doubt the past mountaineering knowledge is not important to climb these trekking tops anyway; you should be arranged rationally and additionally physically for these brave campaigns.

Chulu East Peak Climbing Duration: 17 days days Price: US $ Ask me
Max. Altitude: 6,419m
Chulu East Peak Climbing is one of the joyful treks. This excursion and climb are hard to coordinate for its astounding mountain view, trekking and mountaineering challenges and the uncover it gives on the assortment of ethnic Nep...
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Chulu West Peak Climbing Duration: 17 Days days Price: US $ Ask me
Max. Altitude: 5416m
Chulu West Peak crest with the Classical Annapurna circuit satisfies the fantasy of each novice climber who wishes to have the Himalayan summit's exciting background of a lifetime with the grand perspectives of Himalayas and Tibet...
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Pisang Peak Climbing Duration: 12 or 16 Days days Price: US $ Message us.
Min. Altitude: 1314m-
Max. Altitude: 6091m
One of the most popular climbing is Pisang Peak Climbing in Nepal. Mount Pisang crest, ascending from yak pastures over the town in a uniform slant to the last summit pyramid which is an undistinguished snow and ice slant is an ex...
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Mera Peak Climbing Duration: 18 Days days Price: US $ Contact Us
Max. Altitude: 6476m
Mera Peak Climbing is the most noteworthy trekking crest in Nepal – it has a high PD trouble review. It is a physically requesting snow trek with clear climbing. Mera Peak climbing is appropriate for every fit trekker who endeav...
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Island Peak Climbing Duration: 19 days Price: US $ Contact Us
Max. Altitude: 6,189m
Island peak is considered as the most popular trek in Nepal as it offers to all climbers and trekkers a terrifying climbing experience in Nepal. Imja Tse is known as Island Peak which is located at the Himalaya of eastern Nepal....
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